• Wholesale Carved Signs

    State-of-the-Art High Density Urethane and PVC with your Choice of Colors and Textures!

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  • Sandblasted Signs

    Available in Both Pebble Texture and Simulated Wood Grain

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  • PVC Sign Systems

    Superior Finish, Durability, Easy Installation & More!

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Wholesale Sign Services

JPS offers quality workmanship, superior materials, and easy installation of carved and sandblasted signs.

Carved Signs

Carved Signs

Letter-perfect sign copy, shapes and logos every time in a fraction of the time!

Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted Signs

Experienced in creating beautiful, unique sandblasted effects! Available in both pebble texture and simulated wood grain

PVC Sign Systems

PVC Sign Systems

Several different options to cover all of your PVC signage needs from unfinished to vinyl ready, to routed, finished and ready to install.

Dimensional Letters

You can use CNC cut-out letters and graphics on signs to add extra dimension. Our letters can be glued right on the sign face or mounted separately on any interior or exterior surface.


Imagine the Possibilities...

Hand Painting

Our in-house artists can hand-paint designs and pictorials on any sign.

From landscape scenes, details to graphic images, or pictorials of buildings, business graphic symbols, etc.

Hand painting offers personalized, eye-catching uniqueness to any sign.

Specialty Finishes

Specialty finishes are available in 23k gold, silver, and copper leaf.

When you want to add striking, eye-catching elegance to any sign, gold leaf or any of the other specialty finishes available is the answer!