Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you sell to?

We deal exclusively as a wholesaler to sign companies. We do not currently sell directly to independent businesses or individuals. 

Do you offer posts or hardware for your signs?

Yes we do! We offer posts & a variety of installation hardware including:

  • PVC Post Covers
  • Aluminum Posts
  • Side Brackets & Flat Supports
  • Angle Brackets
  • “King Clip” Wall Mounting Brackets
  • Custom Fabricated Brackets
Do you install signs?

No we do not. This work is usually done by the sign shop fulfilling the order to the end user. If you need assistance finding someone to install your sign, we may be able to recommend a professional near you. 

What’s the difference between Gold Leaf and Gold Metallic Paint?

The difference is how they are applied & how light reflects differently on the two materials.

Gold leaf is real 23 karat gold foil which is hand-applied to the sign surface. This full metallic surface reflects a lot of light which gives it a nice shine and tonal quality. Gold paint, or any metallic paint for that matter, simulates a metal finish but because the metallic elements are suspended in a fluid paint base, it reflects less light than the full metallic surface of Gold Leaf.

In Short, Metallic Paint looks very nice, however a full Gold Leaf surface gives it that “extra-something” that you may be looking for on your sign!

Do you offer similar alternatives to Gold Leaf?

Additional types of “Metallic-Leaf” such as silver & copper may be available on request. These are not products we always stock and are subject to market availability and pricing. 

What kind of Art File should I send?

We require artwork to be sent in vector formatting such as EPS, Ai, PDF, etc…. If you have a different file type, please contact us to determine if we can use it or not.

Artwork should also be sent to us “Production-Ready” requiring little to no modification. Below are a few common issues to inspect before sending your file(s):

  • Correct Artwork & Dimensions
  • Colors Assigned as Fills or Called Out as text
  • Symmetrical Contours (Sign shapes, Borders, Inset Lines, etc)
  • Centered Copy and Graphics
  • Square Lines & Corners / Smooth Curves
    • It helps to turn your artwork into strokes or wire-frames to check these aspects
  • Correct Spelling and Verbiage in your Copy
  • No Stray Points or Double Lines
  • Merge / Weld Graphics & Copy where overlapped
  • No Overlapped Layering for Background Fills Etc.
  • Image Quality for Printing (pixelation, color quality, etc)

If you have any questions or concerns about your artwork, we can pre-inspect it for you on request before you send it for final approval.

Can you make Signs with a custom shape?

Absolutely! In fact, we can make nearly any custom shape! Whether you have Unique copy, logos, emblems, graphics, or images that you want to customize, a contour to fit can be built right into the design of your sign.

Do you offer digital printing?

Yes we do! We have a Mimaki UCJV300 Series printer that instantly cures the ink with UV Lights which can then be immediately laminated and plotted with high precision contours and incredible image quality. This allows us to apply custom printed and plotted elements to any of our carved, textured, or dimensional products.

Where can you ship your signs?

We ship to the continental United States plus Alaska and Hawaii. Please contact us if you are located in Canada or Internationally.

How do I know my sign will be safe during shipping?

An entire section of our facility is dedicated just to the fabrication of Boxes, Packaging, and Shipping Crates used to safely transport our signs from our facility to you. We take a lot of pride in our products from start to finish including Boxing, Packaging & Crating them for transit. We proudly ensure our Shipping Containers are made right so your signs are sure to arrive in perfect condition! 

What Shape Should I Make My Sign?

We’ve created a series of templates that represent some of the most common sign shapes. We have other options available as well. Download here