Carved Signs, Outdoor Signs, Exterior Signs

Make any business stand out with a custom outdoor carved sign! With vivid color options and custom sizes, you can choose from a variety of superior products to create a custom sign or choose a standard sign template design. Our wholesale signs are high quality with a durable finish and include high-density urethane and PVC. Click the button below to view our sign gallery!

With JPS, you get letter-perfect sign copy, and crisp shapes and logos every time. Moreover, carved signs can be completed in a fraction of the time needed for hand-carving.

Our CNC carving and cutting system accepts most electronic files including PLT, GAD, AI and EPS.

High Quality, Durable, Business Signs with State-of-the-Art Material

We use state-of-the-art high-density urethane to create most of our carved custom signs. Your choice of colors and textures is limitless and designs can be big or small. Every kind of letter, graphic, appliqué, background, and pattern is possible with no worries about knots or seams.

Do you want high-quality custom signage?

High-density density urethane and PVC are both completely waterproof, unaffected by temperature or moisture, and incredibly resistant to chemicals. They won’t crack, split or warp. Plus, they’re extraordinarily durable with a long life even in harsh environments. It also has excellent screw-holding capabilities and thermal expansion and contraction rates. Contact us today for more information about our sign manufacturing process or to get a custom quote!



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