Let Your Business Signage Sell Your Brand

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to representing your brand. Think of your business’s signage as a salesperson working around the clock; morning, noon and even harder/brighter at night. What reaction or memory do you want your customers taking away from your business as they drive by? Maybe you are a restaurant and you want anyone who passes by to feel hungry so you emphasizes using a specific color. Or Maybe your business is a popular clothing line so you make sure your logo stands out more than ever! The appearance and function of signage means everything! Having a professional sign is just another way to communicate with your customers, so let your sign do the talking for your brand.

Types of Signs

Your sign needs to catch a passing drivers eye, get the message out of your type of business, and leave a lasting impression all within seconds. Some signs stand taller than others while some are much brighter. There are many different ways this can be done by the specific sign design and display you choose to represent your business. Listed below are types of signage we, Jack Parks & Sons specialize in.

Whether your signage is a wholesale carved sign or hand painted sign, your business will not only stand out but increase your sales! Without a sign outside of your business, you may miss customers driving your sales down and your competitors sales up. Now that’s not good! Having a sign is just part of being a professional business who is proud of their service or product.

Contact Your Local Sign Company, JPS

If you are just starting up a business, give us a call at (814) 774-1040 and we will get you the professional signage you need representing your business. Maybe your business has been around for many years and just needs a new and improved store front sign, so contact JPS today! We are a local business looking to help out all kinds of other local businesses around the area. For visual proof of good signage, check out our sign gallery. JPS LLC believes in the power of having great business signage designed and crafted just for your company.